President’s Message

Fellow Rotarians,

Bernie Clohisy was kind enough to help me out with this write up for Don Laing!  (Sorry Bernie, better late than never!)
Many years ago a columnist George Frazier wrote for the Boston Globe. Frazier had a way in describing a individual in the news during sixties. essentially "bad" another man's poison "Good" Duende style & grace-----Don Laing,DUENDE!

With the recent passing of Don Laing the Haverhill Rotary Club has lost in my mind one of its most distinguished & long standing members! Memories of Don,s involvement & participation on behalf of Rotary will certainly remain with I’m sure, many fellow Rotarians! Recall if I may the task of refurbishing the road to Atkinson where Don came upon abandoned refrigerator & helped pull it out for pickup! First Landing clearing out Japanese bamboo & finding old football! later putting up a new American flag. The first TV auction held at King Davis head quarters with Don waiting the phones! Of visits to Rotarians in particular Leo Chareth shortly before Leo passed for his 90+ birthday serenade! or our visit to Fred MacDonald {with Martha holding court!} then to when Paul Harris was presented to Leo Ouelette by Don. Perhaps, if I may close with our most poignant visit with Fred Battistini whose both courage & dignity were so compelling to Don & myself. I believe there is a golf course high above where the likes of Don Beaton & Bill Adams await there fellow Rotarian for a "Heaven,ly" round of golf! Don, may all your drives be long & straight with your putts always end in the cup!
Don, You will be missed!


The Great Car Race.  

We had a wonderful turn out!  We raiser $3400!  The winners were, in First, Melissa Cerasuolo with her Bat Mobile, 2nd Jered Stewart with a ’67 Chevelle SS 396 and 3rd Sven Amerian with his Phantom car!



Thursday 6/23/2016  Classification Talk: Evan Sideman
Thursday 6/30/2016 President’s Installation Lunch.   

We will introduce the Board of directors 2016-17 and the Paul Harris Fellows!

Officers & Directors

• President Michel van Ravestyn

• President Elect Art Veasey

• Past President Jim Traver

• Treasurer Bill Kleuber

• Assistant Treasurer Greg DiBurro

• Secretary Dick Sundell

• Sargent At Arms Buddy Baker

• Assistant Sergeant at Arms Greg DiBurro

• Membership Chair Sven Amirian

• Foundation Chair Harry Korslund

• Programs/Speaker Chair Art Veasey

• Greeter Greg DiBurro

• Assistant Greeter

• Director Sven Amirian

• Director Stacey Bruzzese

• Director at Large Greg DiBurro

• Director at Large Greg Stark

• Director at Large Jean Poth