President’s Message

Fellow Rotarians,

Five Good Reasons!


Anyone who has worked in the professional world, owns a small business, or has labored for one or the other, has likely been recruited to join a service organization like ours. Back in the day, Kiwanis, Exchange, Lions Club and Rotary all thrived with a glut of members from Haverhill’s robust down town business community. Today we live and work in a very different 24/7 - technologically driven culture. Some people commute great distances to work while still others spend at least part of their week at their computer at home, or even traveling the globe. Moreover, today’s goal oriented business plans make it harder than ever to carve out 90 minutes a week for Rotary Luncheon, not to mention other outside commitments. Add in family time and you sometimes wonder: “How I can possibly fit it all in?”


Well I am retired but after eighteen years as a Cambridge Rotarian and now into my fifth year in the Haverhill Rotary Club I can look back on my own demanding and often hectic career and give you five good reasons for being a Rotarian:


• Networking:  Although our primary motivation should not be self-serving, Rotary is a great way to join with and get to know a great group of people who share your business values and who may become your customer, client, or a source of referrals.

• Resume building: People change jobs a lot more often today and employers are generally impressed when they a see that a job candidate has committed herself to other volunteer activities. It shows initiative and a willingness to expand professional relationships and strengthen leadership skills.

• New friends:  I have made so many friends through Rotary that I have lost count. There is something distinct about seeing our fellow Rotarians each and every week and having lunch, or working side by side on a community service project that promotes good will and inspires good friendships.

• Feeling good about yourself: Our club is involved in so many projects that help our schools, assist those in our midst who are less fortunate, lend financial support to our non-profit organizations, or just pitch in like ringing the bell for the Salvation Army. You cannot help but take some small measure of pride and satisfaction in saying: “I am a Rotarian.”

• Fun! : Oh, we do indeed have fun. Whether an anniversary gala, Jim’s Matchbox Car Race, the Polar Plunge, River Ruckus, or an evening out at a Business After Hours promo, Rotarians delight in the opportunities to mix, relax, have a good laugh, and occasionally let their hair down.




Arthur: The Haverhill Firefighting Museum is conducting a Memorial Service marking the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attack on Sunday morning September, 11 at 9:30 a.m. Art, Michel and Eva will attend as Rotary Sponsors. Please let me know if you would like to join us in this event.


Eva: Haverhill Education Foundation Archives Exposition – September 18, 2-6 at the AMVETS. Be there or be square.


Owen: Announcing Emmaus House – Paving the Way Breakfast Sept. 21 @ DiBurro’s


Anniversaries: Wow! Stacey: 2 years - Yikes! Frank: 15 years


Birthdays: Nicole led us in a swell rendition of Happy Birthday for Owen’s 38th.


Happy $$$


Ira: $10 for his great trip to Canada


Stacey: $5 for moving her freshman daughter into college.


Owen: $3 celebrating his bride’s new start as a teacher at Hill View Montessori.


Jefferson: Because all of his boys are back to school.


Tim: $5 because he is traveling to SanFrancisco.


Finally Dick threw in ten bucks to put an end to Arturo’s puns.


Speakers: The Clean River Project.  Dennis Houlihan and Rocky Morrison gave a detailed discussion together with a power-point presentation of their efforts to rid the Merrimack of the junk and pollution that plague our river.


Next week’s speaker: Peggy Connolly – Here for You: Committee on Tourism, Arts & Cultural Development.


Jefferson won the Happy Dollar prize.


Raffle: Steve was the winning ticket holder but he left the jackpot intact.



Officers & Directors

• President Arthur Veasey

• President Elect Stacey Bruzzese

• Past President Michel van Ravestyn

• Treasurer Bill Kleuber

• Assistant Treasurer Greg DiBurro

• Secretary Dick Sundell

• Sargent At Arms Buddy Baker

• Assistant Sergeant at Arms Greg DiBurro

• Membership Chair Sven Amirian

• Foundation Chair Harry Korslund

• Programs/Speaker Chair Stacey Bruzzese

• Greeter Greg DiBurro

• Assistant Greeter

• Director Melissa Cerasuolo

• Director at Large Greg DiBurro

• Director at Large Greg Stark

• Director at Large Jean Poth