President’s Message

Fellow Rotarians,

I was just thinking…

We have a great core of thirty-something Rotarians—We should recruit more!

Foundation day at Nichols Village is one of two great “off campus” luncheons.

The pie selection and bidding is delectably unique—and it goes for a good cause.

November 5 is Guy Fawkes Day. But you already know that if you are a Brit.

King Davis is a model Rotarian and community leader.

November is an odd month- we only have one meeting at the Country Club until Dec.

November was the ninth month on the ancient Roman calendar.

Ira Korinow is an ideal Rotarian and spiritual leader.

November 27 is national Bavarian Cream Pie Day in the US!

The Poet’s Inn at Whittier Tech is the other fabulous “off campus” food fest.

I can remember when we used to call Veterans Day, Armistice Day.

Vince Wilfork turns 35 on November 4.

Scorpio: you are loyal, passionate, resourceful, observant and dynamic 

Scorpions sound a lot like Rotarians…


Art: Let President Arthur know if you are able to help taxi veterans from the VFW to the Country Club and back on the morning of the Breakfast -- Service Above Self!!!

Harry: Foundation day is at Nichols Village on November 17 beginning @ 11:30 a.m. don’t forget to bring a pie and don’t forget your $$$ to buy a pie at auction!

Dick: Nov. 22 @ 8:00 p.m. on HBO – a superb documentary on the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombings

Jeannie: Hill View Montessori Breakfast will be held on November 1. Several Rotarians are attending.

Evan: Save the date for Rabbi Korinow’s retirement celebration - May 21, 2017

Happy $$$

Dick: For the Channel 5 Chronicle feature story on Angel Flight.

Art: Because we are so proud that Melissa and Nicole are being recognized today ay the YWCA Tribute to Women Luncheon.

Scott: for the people who decided to move over and sit with him at lunch.

Joe: For the flood photos in the news

Harry: No frost this morning in Rockport.

Speaker: Art substituted on short notice and gave an account of the sensational 1931 Clara Clement Ellis murder case- crime scene photos and more.

Raffle: Scott held the winning ticket but pulled the Jack of Diamonds.

Next week: Unscheduled but Arturo will think of something fabo!


Officers & Directors

• President Arthur Veasey

• President Elect Stacey Bruzzese

• Past President Michel van Ravestyn

• Treasurer Bill Kleuber

• Assistant Treasurer Greg DiBurro

• Secretary Dick Sundell

• Sargent At Arms Buddy Baker

• Assistant Sergeant at Arms Greg DiBurro

• Membership Chair Michel van Ravestyn

• Foundation Chair Harry Korslund

• Programs/Speaker Chair Stacey Bruzzese

• Greeter Greg DiBurro

• Assistant Greeter

• Director Melissa Cerasuolo

• Director at Large Greg DiBurro

• Director at Large Greg Stark

• Director at Large Jean Poth