President’s Message

Fellow Rotarians,

On November 11, 1918 an armistice went into effect at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month in cessation of hostilities between the Germans and the Allies in what was then regarded as the war to end all wars. One year later, President Wilson proclaimed November 11 as the first commemoration of Armistice Day. The original concept for the celebration was for a day observed with parades and public meetings and a brief suspension of business beginning at 11:00 a.m.

By 1948 the Haverhill Armistice Day observance drew more than 30,000 people who lined the parade route from Monument Square to Merrimack Street to display their patriotism. The procession culminated in Washington Square (shown here) where 11 aerial rockets were shot into the air as a formation of six Army planes from Grenier Field in Manchester, NH flew overhead. In 1954 following WWII and the Korean conflict and at the urging of veterans organizations, the United States Congress changed the designation to Veterans Day honoring veterans of all wars.

While parades and observances were scaled back or even discontinued in the post Viet Nam era, the public’s gratitude for our veterans’ service, especially in the wake of two recent conflicts in the Middle East, has never wavered. This week, with enormous admiration, our Rotary Club will inaugurate a new Haverhill observance to recognize the men and women, who have served our country with distinction and who, for many generations, have defined the fabric of this great city. Let us mark the occasion by honoring these heroes with our respect, appreciation, and attendance at the First Annual Veterans Day Breakfast.

Visitors and guests: Renee McGuire, YWCA site director and Deborah Diggins, Principal at the Hill View Montessori School


Reminder: This week our regular Thursday meeting will be superseded by the Veterans Day Breakfast 7:30 a.m. at the Function Room of the Haverhill Country Club. If you do not have your tickets you can purchase them at Pentucket Bank, main office or you procrastinators may purchase them at the door. Cash or checks only!

Harry reminds us that November 17 is Foundation Day and our regular lunch and meeting will be at Nichols Village in Groveland. Bring a pie and be prepared to buy a pie from auctioneer Frank Novak at this always-fun extravaganza in a distinguished hilltop setting. Who will add to their Paul Harris Fellowship account with $100?

Mark your calendar: Community Meals November 21 at the Citizens Center. Deliver baked goods between 4:00 – 4:30: Darlene Beal, Kathy Bresnahan, Stacey Bruzzese, Scott Cote, Tom Faulkner, Tracy Fuller, Steve Goddu, Tim Jordan, Owen Murphy, Jeanne Schultz, Jim Smith, David Thomas, Jim Traver, Eva Valentine, and Art Veasey

Jeannie presented President Art with a framed signed photo of the HVM earlyact club members wearing their earlyact “hoodies” as a token of their thanks.

Anniversary: Melissa has completed year 1 as a Haverhill Rotarian

Happy $$$:

Jeannie: Thank you Rotarians for your excellent attendance at the HVM Breakfast

Melissa: For her new position at Haverhill Bank

Frank: 1 Shocking $ for 536 trick or treaters who descended at his doorstep

Harry: For Melissa and because there once again was no A.M. frost in Rockport

Ken: To offer up a little Foundation trivia: $26.50 in Kansas

Joe: $2 for Football!

Nicole: for the CRC Bocce Ball Tournament ant the YWCA Tribute to Women

Arthur: $10 because it’s always nice to see Kathy Bresnahan’s friendly face

In the absence of a speaker: Arthur gave a brief history of notable sporting tributes and other unusual events held at the Haverhill Armory and other locales during the 1960s.

Raffle: Jeannie produced Allison’s winning ticket but the Jackpot remains intact!


Officers & Directors

• President Arthur Veasey

• President Elect Stacey Bruzzese

• Past President Michel van Ravestyn

• Treasurer Bill Kleuber

• Assistant Treasurer Greg DiBurro

• Secretary Dick Sundell

• Sargent At Arms Buddy Baker

• Assistant Sergeant at Arms Greg DiBurro

• Membership Chair Michel van Ravestyn

• Foundation Chair Harry Korslund

• Programs/Speaker Chair Stacey Bruzzese

• Greeter Greg DiBurro

• Assistant Greeter

• Director Melissa Cerasuolo

• Director at Large Greg DiBurro

• Director at Large Greg Stark

• Director at Large Jean Poth