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Paul Harris Fellows


Thursdays: 12:15 p.m.
Haverhill Golf & Country Club, 58 Brickett Lane, Haverhill
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The Haverhill Rotary Club was chartered as Club 167 of Rotary International in 1914. By 1926-27, the Haverhill Club had more than one hundred members—a figure it has maintained as a minimum.
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Paul Harris Fellows of Haverhill Rotary

The Paul Harris Society is named after the founder of Rotary International. The society recognizes friends of The Rotary Foundation who annually contribute $1,000 or more to the Annual Programs Fund, PolioPlus and other approved Foundation grant activities. Society contributions may count toward Rotary Foundation Sustaining Member, Paul Harris Fellow, Multiple Paul Harris Fellow, and Major Donor recognition.

Each new Paul Harris Fellow receives a commemorative certificate and a pin.

Become a Fellow
Mail the completed recognition and contribution form with your check.
Download Paul Harris Fellows PDF

Past Paul Harris Fellows

Howard Lockhart*, 1975
John Jameson, 1978
Thomas Garvey*, 1979
Leo Chareth, 1980
Roland Poirier, 1982
William Letoile, 1983
Allister MacDonald, 1984
George Brindis, 1985
James Cleary, 1985
Kingsbury Davis, 1986
George Winfield, Jr., 1987
William Adams, 1988
Herbert Kimball*, 1987
Frederick Battistini, 1988
Donald Johnson*, 1989
Donald Laing, 1989
Arnold P. George*, 1990
Lawrence J. Ewing, 1991
Harold Rogers, 1991
Norman Carbone, 1992
Donald C. Freeman, 1993
David D. Hindle, 1993
Donald Beaton, 1994
William J. Klueber, 1994
Joseph A. Cleary, 1995
Raymond Pelletier, 1995
Walter Wysocki*, 1995
Norman E. Gerson, 1996
Stafford Churchill*, 1996
Ronald H. Albert, 1997
Donald L. Ruhl, 1997
Rev. Emile Guillmette, 1998
Michael F. Reilly, 1998
William J. Barron, 1999
Richard H. Emerson, 1999
Valerie Veasey, 2000
Jefferson Davis, 2000
June Letoile, 2000

David W. Thomas, 2001
Hy DerBogosian, 2001
Dale F. Rogers, 2001
Jean Chareth, 2001
Bernard Clohisy, 2001
Terrence A. Beaton, 2002
Darlene Beal, 2002
Paul Bergman, 2002
Greg Stark, 2002
James M. Dillon*, 2002
Rosemary Klueber, 2003
Helene Murphy, 2003
Ken Smith, 2004
Mark Ewing, 2004
Roger D. Ryan, 2004
Cindy Ryan, 2005
Linda Sundell*, 2005
Scott D. Cote, 2006
Gregory DiBurro, 2006
Michael Hart, 2006
James Vanderpol, 2006
Pamela Carr, 2007
Richard Atwood, 2008
Vincent Bonanno, 2008
William Hart, 2008
Leo Quelette, 2008
Darlene Rembis, 2008
Marcia Rogers, 2008
Joan Gleed, 2009
Ira L. Korinow, 2009
John Cuneo, 2010
Patrokios Sanragas, 2010
Charles Traver, 2010
Sheryl Meehan, 2011
Jonathan Miller, 2011
Chandler Noyes, 2011
Julian Rich, 2011

* Deceased